See Chicks hatch at your school.
Our Chick hatching experience helps make learning fun…

  • Life Cycles
  • Literacy
  • Science
  • Numeracy

Chick Hatching For Schools

The Happy Chick Company specialise in providing a trouble free chick hatching activities for schools. From egg to chick with GUARANTEED RESULTS!


We supply everything you need for a worry free hatch, which includes…

  • Embryo Eggs (a minimum of 10) only 2-3 days from hatching
  • An Incubator, cool egg shape with 360° viewing
  • Brooder Box to raise your chicks in
  • Feeder and Drinker for the chicks
  • Comprehensive Manual a handy guide
  • Full Telephone Support over the whole 10 days, our advice line is open 7 days a week, 8am until 8pm.

schools ewan and williamOur knowledgable staff will set up the equipment and place your eggs in the incubator, and of course take their time in explaining everything you need to know. But don’t worry if you can’t remember it all, as an in-depth information manual is left on-site, re-iterating all the important points and much more! And for all you ‘expectant mother hens’, we are only a phone call away. Our advice line is available 7 days a week, 8am until 8pm!

What People Have Said About Chick Hatching In Schools

“An amazing experience with more ooohhs and ahhhhs than bonfire night”
Paula Somers
Nursery Manager, Paula’s Poppets, Spalding, Lincs

schools web happy chick day 6“The eggs project has proved to be one of the best resources that our school has ever paid to take part in. Every single child got so much out of the experience that I can honestly say that it was the best use of my science budget that I have ever spent! Every class focused on different aspects of the hatching chicks and the interest even encouraged our most reluctant learners to want to be involved…

After the reaction from the children, our Head was determined to take things further and now we are one of the few schools, that have chickens in our new allotment area.The children look after them, and the ark you suggested does a fantastic job. Our three hens are very happy. ”
Heather Revell
Science co-ordinator, Eye Primary school, Peterborough

“Thank you for your excellent service, and our wonderful experience of eggs and chicks in school. Everyone in school-pupils,staff and parents-seemed to enjoy the opportunity to share in some awe and wonder,and in current times, that is very important. I look forward to repeating the experience in the future”
Caroline Riches
Head Teacher, Enderby Road Infant School, Scunthorpe

“A big thank you again from us for our lovely chicks-we had a fantastic time and the children got so much out of it. We all appreciate how enthusiastic you are too, and it’s so nice to deal with someone who really loves their job! One little chick didn’t hatch, but it was a great opportunity for the children to have a really thoughtful conversation… It was very touching and a great lesson for them all, and they were really interested- so worth while looking at the whole process and not just the fluffy cute bits!
Tricia Shingles
Abbotsmede Primary School, Peterborough, Cambs.

“Thank you for providing our Reception Class children with the unique opportunity of watching the chicks hatch. This experience was shared by the wider school community who were all eager to visit us. From the very first day the eggs were delivered there was a buzz of excitement and anticipation. Each morning when staff arrived they immediately popped in to check how things were going. Lots of questions and answers generated a huge amount of lovely work, including displays, booklets and photographs. Our curriculum was richer and more challenging because of the nine little visitors. Parents were impressed at the children’s eagerness to rush to school…Our special needs children were certainly inspired and touched by this “miracle of life”. We would highly recommend your company to other schools. Many thanks”.
Sue Jepson
Reception Class Teacher, Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Catholic Primary and Nursery School, Bulwell, Nottingham.

“Just a quick note to say thank you so, so much for providing us with such an amazing experience…it was well worth every penny. The children have gained so much from such a worthwhile experience, seeing first hand new life and all the awe and wonder that it brings. It was not just our children who joined in the excitement, the whole school got involved in the rearing of our chicks. The support available from you was second to none and no question too trivial. We will definitely be booking this service when our two year cycle for this topic returns!”
Mrs Stacey Tregunno
Foundation 2 Teacher, Barnby Road Primary and Nursery School, Newark, Notts.