Our Promise to You…
We are passionate about animal welfare. You can book our services with peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that we genuinely rehome the chicks we collect from our customers.

What Happens To The Chicks?

The ones we collect…

We at The Happy Chick Company are passionate about animal welfare. We promise to be ETHICAL! You can book our services with peace of mind. Safe in the knowledge that we genuinely rehome the chicks we collect from our customers. We never put a healthy chick down! The chicks we collect are rehomed with people that we believe, have similar values for animal welfare that we do. Some take just a few chicks for their garden/allotment, while others take many and have a few acres of land to accommodate them.

Warning – Chickens are addictive!!

The ones we don’t…

Numerous Teachers and members of staff have become chicken keepers due to their hatching experience, and have chosen to keep the chicks themselves. All we ask is that ALL of them are rehomed. We think it’s important that the males experience a quality of life also. Yet, we are realistic. As difficult a subject as this may be, ( and a great discussion topic in the classroom), we understand that many males are destined ‘for the pot’. But up until that point, they also deserve to run in the sun, chase the insects and feel the grass under their feet. That is why we ask our customers who wish to keep the chicks, to ‘look at the bigger picture’ and rehome them all. Our small holders that grow our chicks on, do so on the understanding that we supply them with a balanced quantity of males to females. Therefore it’s very difficult to rehome just cockerels.

Please don’t just pick out the girls!

What People Say

Here are just a few pictures, from a small selection of the lovely people who have homed our chicks.

“We received the chicks off of Madeline at the beginning of the summer and immediately began to wonder why the joy of keeping chickens had been kept such a secret. The four chickens we have given a home to have paid us back ten fold by enriching our lives by the playful behaviour and many antics they get up to they are so wonderful! The chickens will come to greet us when we call and will go to roost when it gets dark. They are easy pets to keep and we can spend ages watching them strut around the garden. It seems that our whole garden has come to life.

Madeline is great, she has always been on hand to help with the set up of chicken run and few problems we have had. Madeline always has a solution or tip to offer whenever we ask. She is extremely sincere and knowledgeable and always has advice to give.

Have fun with your chickens” – Mick and Lynne, Peterborough