See Chicks hatch at your Retirement Home.

  • Stimulates Activity & Learning
  • Encourages Social Interaction
  • Creates a Sense of Wellbeing
  • Provides a Common Interest
  • Boosts Morale

Chick Hatching For Retirement Homes

The Happy Chick Company specialise in providing a trouble free chick hatching activities for Retirement Homes. From egg to chick with GUARANTEED RESULTS!

Chick Hatching For Retirement Homes

We supply everything you need for a worry free hatch, which includes…

  • Embryo Eggs (a minimum of 10) only 2-3 days from hatching
  • An Incubator, cool egg shape with 360° viewing
  • Brooder Box to raise your chicks in
  • Feeder and Drinker for the chicks
  • Comprehensive Manual a handy guide
  • Full Telephone Support over the whole 10 days, our advice line is open 7 days a week, 8am until 8pm.

Our knowledgable staff will set up the equipment and place your eggs in the incubator, and of course take their time in explaining everything you need to know. But don’t worry if you can’t remember it all, as an in-depth information manual is left on-site, re-iterating all the important points and much more! And for all you ‘expectant mother hens’, we are only a phone call away. Our advice line is available 7 days a week, 8am until 8pm!

What People Have Said About Chick Hatching In Retirement Homes

“An amazing activity that has had a positive and stimulating impact in our home”
Pat Drummond
Activities Co-Ordinator, BUPA, Wentworth Croft, Peterborough

“It was the best activity we have ever had in our home, so good that words alone are not enough to explain the effect it had on our residents. It brought tears to my eyes…”
Pam Manning
Activities co-ordinator, Rushden Park Nursing Home, Northants

“The whole experience brought great pleasure to our residents. Everyone was able to enjoy the presence of the chicks, partially sighted residents could enjoy the gentle sound of their tweeting, partially deaf residents could enjoy watching them, and all the residents were able to enjoy holding them. It was lovely to see so many residents look so excited when the eggs hatched and many of our residents came down to see them at regular times throughout the day. It really was a great experience and despite some sceptical opinions prior to their arrival, everyone agreed that the experience was well worth it! We couldn`t have asked for a better company. The Happy Chick Company was extremely helpful and very well organised. We strongly recommend the experience and we will most definitely be participating in the experience again”.
Megan Neilan
Activities Co Coordinator, Rosewood Court, Wellingborough.

“The whole thing was great, from the day they were delivered by your friendly staff until the day they were taken away. We all…staff, residents and families loved the whole experience”.
Ben Warrender
Activities Co Coordinator, The ExtraCare Charitable Trust, Brunel Court.

“I wanted to say a really big thank you to you, for the wonderful experience we had raising the chicks. The whole experience was enjoyable for all residents and staff at the home. The residents had a great time looking after the chicks…and were reminded of their younger days. I will definitely recommend you and look forward to doing this again soon”.
Peter Hodges
Manager, BUPA Care Homes, Ridgeway Lodge, Dunstable.