Useful Links…
Below are some links to websites that we think you may find useful. There are some really good causes, so take the time to have a look – you may even end up re-homing an ex-battery hen!

Useful Links A local company specialising in cake baking supplies, and promoting the use of free range eggs in cooking. Inspiring children to learn more about food, farming and the countryside. A reputable and established company offering top quality animal housing.  If you are interested in re-homing ex-battery hens For further information and advice about many breeds of poultry For information on all kinds of waterfowl or Both very informative magazines including breeders directory For top quality, wooden housing and other poultry related products For all regulations regarding poultry

And if, like us, you want to support improving the treatment of chickens in the poultry industry, the following links will be of interest. For more information on welfare-friendly chicken. You can give your support here for Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’ s campaign against intensively reared chickens The Compassion in world farming website. Peaceful campaigners to end all cruel factory farming practices.