Chicken Keeping…
The decision to home any animal should not be taken lightly, and with homing a chicken there may be more to it than you think. Our advice is free so speak to us if you have any queries!

Chicken Keeping

The Happy Chick Company wholeheartedly believes that our lives are enriched by these fascinating and charismatic animals. Poultry keeping is fun and highly rewarding, but failing to follow the basic principles of good poultry care and management can lead to great distress, not only for the chicken but also the owner.

Did you know that chickens need…

  • Worming
  • Demiting/delousing
  • A balanced diet to ensure good health and egg production
  • Grit to break down food and help digestion
  • Good housekeeping to prevent disease
  • And much more…

The best poultry keepers are those that take their responsibility seriously, and although we offer advice in our information manual, we also discourage those making a rash decision. We give advice freely, throughout the year and are ‘Happy to Help’ with your query.

Please do your research. It will be the foundations of your success in poultry keeping.

Some of the many good books available (prices range from £7 to £15 approx) are:

  • Choosing and keeping chickens (Chris Graham)
  • Keeping chickens (Jeremy Hobson and Celia Lewis)
  • Starting with chickens (Katie Thear)
  • Hens in the garden Eggs in the Kitchen (Charlotte Popescu)
  • Beginners guide to chickens (Lee Faber)
  • Poultry at home (DVD) (Victoria Roberts, BVSc, MRCVs)
  • Avoid the vet (Practical poultry )